Three Useful Tips for Reducing Heating Bills*

Earlier, it was reported that as much as 50% of the total fuel is used for burning gas furnaces and heaters at homes and garages. This means every household has to deal with quite significant heating bills each month, especially in winters.

Here are three useful tips to reduce these bills and increase value for your money:

Tip 1: Using the sun when it’s shining bright!

Obviously, we don’t have to turn on the heater to the max and feel all clumsy when the sun is shining bright outside. Remove the drapes and the curtains to let some sunshine in! That must get in some heat along with it. Don’t forget to pull the curtains back on in the evening!

Tip 2: Cleaning up the furnace

This is the most important. Always keep in touch with a professional duct cleaning company so that your furnace can work at its prime at all times and can be used for a long time in the future.

Tip 3: Using insulation material for keeping your house warm

Rather than burning a whole lot of gas, we can use a little more prevention and cater for heat loss. Using more insulation material in the walls and floors and the attic, we can prevent heat loss of as much as 20%.

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