Can I join the lucky draw if I am not a regular buyer? *

Cambridge Cooling and Heating is proud to offer a lucky draw to all our buyers. Even if you don’t shop with us regularly, you can still take a part and will be counted as an equally capable winner of the draw. We are happy to state that we won’t discriminate our monthly draws in favor of our regular buyers.

This draw is completely based on the winner’s luck and who knows; maybe you can take away this month’s grand prize, which is a high efficiency gas furnace!

Is the purchase cost really all that matters? *

For many families, the purchase cost of their equipment really matters a lot. And it should; if you have a limited budget, chances are you would need to restrain your choices with a few options. However, the purchase cost is not all that matters.

If you are buying an inefficient gas heater or furnace just because it comes with an affordable price tag, you can be almost certain that you are going to lose hundreds of dollars each year on the consumption of energy alone. Try to save more and only buy equipment that allows you to save in the future as well.

Cleaning Trane CleanEffectsâ„¢ Whole-House Air Filtration System

How costly is an efficient gas furnace?*

The chilly nights of cold winters are not far away. It’s almost time that you buy your house a nice and efficient gas furnace that can accept the challenges of your premises and keep it warm at all times. However, buying a new furnace requires significant investment. You might not have the finances to make this purchase.

So, the question is, how costly is a gas furnace? With Cambridge Heating and Cooling; it’s absolutely free! Register for our lucky draw today and you might win yourself an efficient gas furnace you always wanted!

Is indoor air pollution really that harmful for you*

A study suggests that the indoor air pollution can easily be 3 – 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is because when you are out, air does not tend to be trapped. When you are indoors, it takes a lot of time for fresh air to be supplied to every corner of the premises.

This is why your air purifiers should always be functional whenever you are indoors. Also, avoid smoking with doors and windows closed. It is reported that indoor smoking can lessen your life expectancy up to 30%.

Lennox Two-Stage Air Conditioning Technology

How to keep the cooling tower well-maintained*

An important part of keeping your house cooling process uncompromised is preventing any problems from occurring. This requires a bit of a technical knowledge and a little determination, as well.

Cooling towers carry various types of equipment and it is therefore important that you keep it checking from time to time and inspect for any signs of damaged/dysfunctional parts. Also, keep a stock of air filters ready with you. Don’t forget to replace them on time for your cooling tower to work with optimum efficiency. The new air filters also ensure that any impurities in the air are properly filtered out.

How to avoid cost of hiring HVAC maintenance professionals?*

It’s understandable that the cost of hiring an HVAC maintenance team might get a little out of pocket for many. If you are suffering the same problem, here is one useful tip that you can work on and avoid hiring the team that frequently.

The first thing you need to do is having proper technical knowledge of your equipment. Check the system controls from time to time and ensure the remote functions work properly, the equipment powers off and on easily and the wires are not damaged or clogged with dirt. This should save the need to hire a team that often.

How important are the air filters and why you should replace them*

Some people just want to power their HVAC equipment on, get the desired room temperature and just start working. However, the equipment requires some more attention than they are willing to provide. If you too don’t care much about your equipment, you are just making it drastically reduce its useful life.

In the end, the cost shall only be levied onto your pocket. Want a way to avoid this cost? Try replacing the air filters often so that only well-filtered air reaches the equipment and does not clog duct inside, which is almost impossible to clean once settled.

Win big this summer with Camheating & Cooling*

The sun might be shining bright but summers will soon be coming to an end. GTA will soon be covered with snow and you are going to be in need of some serious heating backup. Cambridge Heating and Cooling has always helped its customers and frequenters. By shopping with us, you only increase your chances of winning a high-efficiency gas furnace from a world-class manufacturer.

This furnace will come with 100% original accessories and a warranty card provided by the manufacturer itself. It’s a win-win situation for you; what are you waiting for?