Buying new HVAC equipment for your new place

Are you going to be shifting to a new place sometime soon? Perhaps you need to buy some new HVAC equipment that lasts for a long time and gives quality HVAC backup at all times. Whatever the case might be, we suggest you try the Trane range of products.

Trane manufactures some of the best HVAC products for both residential and commercial use. Be it your office or your home, Trane has it all to satisfy your heating and cooling needs. Give Cambridge Heating and Cooling a chance to be your contractor. We are a reputable Nepean Trane dealers. For years, our customers have trusted us and our Trane product range recommendations. Contact us and we’ll be happy to entertain you.

Going for Lennox this summer? Shop from us for the most savings!

Hi, are you in the market looking for a reliable vendor of authentic Lennox products? Surfing the internet looking to buy a new AC unit? Well, if that is the case, then you are certainly in the right place. Cambridge Heating and Cooling has 15 years of experience managing the heating and cooling requirements of several households and offices.

If you are going to buy Lennox air Conditioner in Scarborough, it’s best that you trust a premier dealer such as Cambridge Heating and Cooling. Get in touch with us today for the best quote!

You might have the right furnace, but is it properly installed?

This is the question that puts a lot of customers in doubt. Is your furnace installed to tackle all challenges of the winter season? Scarborough receives a fair amount of chilly breezes during the winter season. Temperature drops to as low as -5° C during nights.

Can your furnace handle such a cold temperature outside and provide you with a comfortable room temperature inside? The problem might be with its installation. Contact us today for excellent furnace installation in Scarborough. Our 15 years of proven experience installing furnaces of all kinds and sizes gives us an upper hand over the competition.

Don’t buy your cooling equipment without the right consultation

That’s the best advice any reliable HVAC contractor will provide you. Buying cooling equipment is no joke; you need to know all the technicalities to make a wiser decision. Not only does the equipment matter, but also the size of your place in particular.

If you are about to buy some new cooling equipment for the coming summer season, why not trust the best in the market? Cambridge Heating and Cooling offers 15 years of experience to become the best Scarborough Cooling Contractors and consultants.

Simply give us a phone call and we will connect you with an expert right away!

Buying new heating equipment is a major investment decision!

Hi, are you looking for some new heating equipment? That means you are looking for a couple of reliable and respected Scarborough heating contractors to get in touch with and get a quote for the equipment. But wait, do you have already selected the equipment?

Are you sure the equipment you’re looking for is the right choice? Several factors need to be taken into account, and only an HVAC expert can recommend the best equipment for you and your home/office. To buy the right equipment, our experts are always available for free consultation. Give us a phone call right away!

Cam Heating and Cooling most trusted by families for quality 24/7 AC repair support!

We are sharing some great news with our customers, and we’re happy about it. Thank you to every customer that voted for Cam Heating and Cooling and named us as one of the most reliable Air Conditioner repair in Scarborough service providers.

A survey was conducted and families across the city named the HVAC contractor they trust the most for repairs. This is great news and we are grateful for you supporting us. Cam Heating and Cooling is trying hard each day to better its AC repair services. For an appointment today, contact us now!

A Lennox furnace in this season can do your home some real good!

It’s cold outside right now, isn’t it? Temperatures at night can drop down to a negative 5°C. That’s enough for you to disturb your comfort and not let you sleep with peace of mind. In order to maintain a constant room temperature, you might need a new furnace this season.

If you’re in the market to buy a new furnace for your home, only trust our expert consultants for all HVAC needs. To Buy Lennox Furnace in Scarborough, only trust their premium dealers in the city, such as Cambridge Heating and Cooling.

Have a new thermostat to install? Call the pros!

Do you have a new programmable thermostat to be installed at your place? Have the latest technology for your place that can guarantee you optimized efficiency? Well, with optimized efficiency comes added configuration. This means it will be complex to get the settings right at where you want them for normal room temperature control. Always have a heating in Ottawa expert for installation of a thermostat. These are complex equipment and need professional assistance.

We have years of experience in maintaining, installing and repairing thermostats. Give us a call for immediate appointment.

A furnace can go a long way if only treated right!

That’s an undeniably true fact. If only our furnaces were treated the right way and professionally maintained, their useful life can be extended up to as much as 50%. That’s roughly 5 more years of comfortable heating from your furnace. But the question is, who will take care of your furnace and maintain it all the while being pocket friendly?

We will. Cambridge Heating and Cooling can provide Furnace maintenance in Scarborough at lowest rates. We have helped several customers in the past avoid significant investments in new equipment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our HVAC experts.

What to do if the heating equipment is not working properly?

Suppose that it’s Monday and you have taken the usual start to the usual workday. You are in your workplace and everything is to go perfectly as planned. The usual 9-5 should not really be a problem. What if, on one Monday, out of the blue your heating equipment stops working? What would you do?

You can spend the day at a cold workstation where operating comfortably is not possible. Instead, why not give us a chance and call for some immediate heating in Scarborough assistance? With our years of experience in quality repairs, you won’t have to work cold!