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What should be on an HVAC professional’s checklist?*

We all need to hire a professional team of HVAC experts from time to time that would lend our equipment a look, give it the required maintenance and repair anything that is not working right. However, have you ever considered what should the aim of these HVAC maintenance professionals be?

The first item on their checklist must be prevention and not cure. The equipment should be prevented from any damages rather than waiting for it to suffer and then repairing it. This increases your cost at the end of the day. The next time you hire a maintenance team, remember to review their checklist.

What to do if the gas furnace malfunctions?*

Wait – is that your gas furnace blazing fire through the pipes? Quick! Run out of the house before it is too late! Well, you can do that and wait for the emergency services to rush in just in time to save your home, or you can act sensibly and turn off the gas furnace supply before you rush out.

Also, remember to pull out the pilot tray that is lit in the gas heater, if you have any. The pilot tray shall have a flame which is very dangerous in case there is any gas leakage.

Will your gas furnace be right for you?*

You might have bought a new gas furnace for yourself, but is it really the right equipment for your house? Does it provide enough heat to keep the entire house warm? That, or is it a little too big for the house to handle?

Well, the best way to avoid buying the wrong equipment is consulting a certified HVAC retailer in the market. The professionals should be able to recommend only the right equipment that goes well with your house.

This will save you two types of costs; the purchase cost, if you avoid buying a larger gas furnace. Also, the running cost, which will be saved by operating a smaller furnace.

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Tips for maintaining indoor air quality during the winters*

Do you have problems in keeping the indoor air quality fresh, especially during the winters? Of course, the chilly winters do not allow you to keep your windows and doors open throughout the day, but a little more attention to the matter might help you in preserving air quality during the latter months of the year.

Firstly, even though you are unable to open the windows and doors throughout the day, they can still be opened when its sunny outside. Even if it is for a couple of hours; a little ventilation will take away all the contaminants and provide your house with a fresher supply of air.

Secondly, you can also ensure that there is no duct or dust clogged up in the furnace. If it is, get an HVAC expert to remove all the duct from the furnace as that is an unquestionable supply of contaminants in the air.

Another useful tip might be that you avoid the excessive usage of chemicals. Whenever you are about to use air fresheners or cleaners, it is advisable that you open the room’s window to let the tiny particles that mix with the air to move out and fresh air to move in.

How to prevent the air ducts from getting clogged *

Although it is unsure whether regularly cleaning the air ducts have any benefits, you can be certain about the fact that preventing the ducts from getting clogged with dirt is definitely a healthy exercise. This post will give you some tips on how you can do it yourself without having the need to call the experts to do it.

The key here is to get it done right when it is manageable by your own self. Delaying it will only lead you to calling the experts and thus this will result in an increment of the maintenance expense.

The first tip here is to change the air filters soon as they start to get clogged with dirt. The more you let the dust settle in, the more the chances of indoor air getting contaminated become. Also, be sure that you are using only the best air filter for your HVAC system.

Several manufacturers already have a recommended list provided along with the equipment – you might want to give it a look. Lastly, you should vacuum your place every once in a while. If you are mostly busy, it is recommendable to appoint a maid or have someone else do it.

How to prevent air ducts from getting wet due to water leakage*

A common problem that many families and even commercial places are facing nowadays is the air ducts getting wet due to inner water leakage in their air conditioning units. If that is the case with you, you might already have noticed how significantly this wetting of air ducts impacts the overall system’s efficiency.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to ensure that the ducts stay dry and any water leakage is identified well in time.

Firstly, you should repair any water leakages quickly and accurately. You can also call in a professional if you do not know how to do it yourself, but ensure that there is no sign of any water droplets once the repairs have been made.

The next tip is to check whether the drainage of the condensate pan in the system is working properly. If there is anything clogged in the drainage funnel, water may stand for long causing debris to spread all over.

Another thing you might want to try is shutting down your system when you are vacuuming the facility. Do not let the dust get sucked in by your system because it can also clog in the drainage channel of the condensate pan.

How to prepare your facility for a chilly winter season*

Canada has chilly winters. In some parts, there is thick snow restricting movement. Water in the outdoor faucets completely freezes and therefore, there is a lot of problem that people have to face. Here are a few tips which can help you avoid these few problems.

You cannot stop winters from coming. Therefore it is best that you prepare your facility for them. Here’s what you can do:

  • You need to service the furnace. Before winter starts showing its full force and it become uncomfortable for you to work or even live in your facility, get your furnace fully serviced by a reliable HVAC specialist.
  • If it is a commercial place where customers are allowed to come in, you might want to keep the heat at a reasonable temperature. This way, your customers won’t feel the need to take off their coats and this will also save your heating costs.
  • Get the gutters cleaned up by a professional and also service the downspouts so that there is no ice buildup under there that might cause a lot of problem later on.

We hope these tips work out for you.

How to make home feel like one during winters? *

The winters might be off for now but they will surely be coming back around soon. If you had trouble preparing your place for the chilly season last time, now is the time to learn a thing or two about how to make your home feel like one when its -10 outside.

You can always use these tips and they will definitely help you a whole lot in not only keeping your house nice and warm, but also in reducing your heating bills:

  • The first thing that you might want to do is getting in touch with a reliable HVAC specialist and giving your furnace along with the garage heater a full service. This service is necessary and the duct will be removed after this cleanup thus bringing the efficiency of your furnace back up.
  • Secondly, if there are any hoses or any faucets that are outdoors, you should close the water supply to them from the main valve and let them stay dry during the winter season as the water in the pipeline might freeze.
  • Another tip to consider is wearing warm clothes instead of turning the furnace to the max. This will keep you warm and also save you from huge heating expenses.