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Dependable heating equipment is always a lifesaver during the winters

Who doesn’t want reliable heating equipment during the winter season? It gets so cold, your health might be at risk if your indoor air quality is not backed by quality heating. Same goes for the water supply. In places such as Scarborough and Ottawa where pipes may even get frozen, constant supply of hot water is only possible if dependable and quality heating in Scarborough products and services are acquired.

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We give away a gas furnace every season! Are you the next one?

You might as well have heard about how Cambridge Heating and Cooling appreciates its customers, but have you heard how we express our gratitude to our frequenters? Cambridge Heating and Cooling is proud to announce that it has initiated a one-of-its-kind lucky draw that is carried out each season!

We have already given away 4 high efficiency furnaces to four lucky winners, and you might just be the next one. Simply head over to our lucky draw page and get as many people registered as you can!

Are you all prepared for the coming winter season?

You must be enjoying the summers but we all know that this season will soon come to an end. The cold and chilly nights will take over and you would then need a reliable gas furnace to keep you and your house warm. Chances are your gas furnace might not be working as effectively or efficiently as you need, and this is why investing in a new furnace is a must.

However, with Cambridge Heating and Cooling’s  lucky draw, you won’t have to spend so much. Simply register for our lucky draw and you might be our next lucky winner!

How can you replace the air filter of the furnace yourself?

If you haven’t done this before, you might not have any idea of where the air filter is located. Please don’t procrastinate replacing the filter, as this will only increase impurities in the indoor air as well as shorten the life span of your furnace.

To replace the air filter, simply open the tray at the bottom of the furnace that has an air filter sign. Soon as you open it, the air filter should slide out along with it. Put the new one in the correct direction. Also ensure you are replacing the old filter with the one that’s the correct size.

For any assistance, our furnace repair in GTA services are a click away!

How can the installation of your AC matter that much?

Investing in new HVAC equipment can be quite costly, especially if it is for your home. While you are investing such a large sum and relying on the warranty covers that come along with the equipment, it is also important that you ensure its safety yourself.

After all, who wants to go through the hassle of replacements and repairs time and time again? For this very reason, only trust experts that have years of experience in installing and dismantling HVAC equipment. Our AC installation in GTA services will provide you the right experts at just one phone call.