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How to determine if our seasonal lucky draw is legitimate?*

You might have read about our lucky draw, but what makes it so legitimate. If anything, we might just be giving away refurbished furnaces. However, Cambridge Heating and Cooling believes in full transparency. If you head over to our lucky draw page, you will find the interviews of ALL four lucky winners.

Moreover, the furnace that we give away comes fully packed with a warranty cover from the manufacturer itself. This means it’s a win-win for everyone. Register today and maybe you can be the fifth winner.

Hurry up to win in next draw :

Have battered equipment with you and a tight budget*

A home doesn’t really feel like one if the HVAC equipment is not working fine. Take the air conditioner, for example. If you are not being provided quality air conditioning at the touch of a button, your home might not be as comfortable, after all.

This Fall , we are offering you to enjoy big discounts with our Fall sale program. All the items on our stock list will provide you with the best prices of the market, and even better. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!


Garage heaters cost quite an investment – well, not anymore!

Garage heaters are important if you own or run a garage that is in the colder areas of the GTA. Even though it is the summer, and the sun is shining bright above us all, the winter season is not so far away. If you are planning to buy it during the season, you might have to pay hundreds more to get yourself one.

We have an excellent proposal for you; why don’t you buy a garage heater from us this summer, and we offer you a large special summer sale discount?! Call us today for more info.

Have an old battered gas furnace at home? Not anymore! *

Are you a resident of the Greater Toronto Area? Do you have a gas furnace that is clogged with duct and needs some major repairs? Well, the cost of all these repairs might as well get you a used one that is in far better condition than yours. But why would you spend money on buying a new gas furnace when Cambridge Heating and Cooling is giving one away for free?!

You simply have to register for our lucky draw and that doesn’t cost you a single dime! For details, visit our lucky draw page.