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Top Choice Awards 2014 !!!!

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How Can Your HVAC Equipment Help You With Seasonal Allergies? *

A lot of people are victims of seasonal allergies these days. Common symptoms include redness of eyes, frequent sickness, fever and breathing issues. Some may even lead to skin related allergies for quite some time. How do you tackle these seasonal allergies? Do you know how your HVAC equipment can help you with these allergies?

With a reliable system, the best thing about your house is the fresh clean air in which you are breathing. All of the bacteria and other contaminants are eliminated and you are provided with a clean environment to breathe in.

Say no to the bacteria outside!

Another benefit of having and HVAC system is that there is no bacteria outside that can enter your house. The room in which you are seated might be provided with fresh outdoor air, but it goes through lots of filters and processes before finally reaching your room.

Be careful though; your HVAC equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained professionally for it to work effectively. If for example your furnace gets clogged with dust, chances are your indoor air is more contaminated than the outdoor air!

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Again winner for 2014 Top Heating & Cooling company in Toronto !!!!!



Again Cambridge Heating Cooling as selected as the 2014 Top Heating & Cooling company in Toronto by Top Choice Awards !!!!!!!!

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Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Air Filter*

Do you ever just wonder how at some places the air from the air conditioner is very fresh while at your home, you don’t feel very comfortable? That’s probably because of the air filter. The better the air filter will be, the fresher and cleaner your indoor air is going to be.

Here are some useful tips for you to consider when buying a new air filter for your air system:

Checking for the CADR

The Clean Air Delivery Rate [CADR] is a measure of just how clean the air is and how quickly it is getting processed through an air filter. Check for this rating and ask for the one with the best CADR score and Cubic Flow per Minute [CFM].

Checking for the MERV rating

The second measure used to measure an air filter’s effectiveness is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value [MERV] rating. This is a scale from 1 to 16 and each air filter is rated on the ability to score smaller particles in the air. The higher the number, the cleaner your indoor air will be.

There are lots of HVAC experts in the area that can inform you about an air filter’s efficiency. Read product reviews otherwise; they can help!

Troubleshooting Your Gas Heater: No Need For the Experts! *

We all wonder if we could only know what the core of the problem was, we would have done it ourselves. With this article, you can find the core to the problem. Not to every problem, but well, at least you can figure out what’s wrong with your gas heater.

Power outage

Often it happens that the gas furnace or the heater is not powering on. There is just no gas leakage yet the heater fails to light up. What will you do in this case? Call the experts? Think again. Why not check for a thing or two yourself?

First ensure the pipe for the gas heater is not clogged with dust. Next, make sure you are lighting the right burner and rotating the right dial. If still nothing works, try cleaning the pilot igniter with a metal wire.

The heater is too cold

So your gas heater isn’t producing enough heat? There are usually very general problems associated to this. First, you need to check and ensure the gas supply is stable. Next, ensure the blower belt is not too loose. If so, you already know what to call the professional for.

With these few simple tips, you can save a lot each year!

Two Tips for Determining the Size of Furnace You Require*

While people always think that bigger things are always the better option, this might not be the case when you are in the market to purchase a furnace. There are lots of sizes available, and if you get one that is bigger than you need, this might cause inefficiencies.

Larger furnaces also provide more heat in the same amount of time. This means that to maintain the same temperature, your furnace will have to operate and shut down time and time again, thus decreasing its useful life.

Here are two tips to help you out in determining what size suits your house best:

Checking for the BTU

The furnaces are measured in British Thermal Units and need to be checked for their BTU number to determine their size. If the number is too high, the furnace is definitely made for a large house. The HVAC dealer that you are purchasing your furnace from can help you out here.

Determining the area that needs to be covered

If you want a dedicated furnace at work to cover the whole office, the furnace is going to be bigger than the one that is needed to keep a small house warm. Maximum efficiency is only possible if your furnace is compatible with the size of your house/workplace.



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Spring is here, finally!

Spring is here ladies and gents! I know we are all sayings it’s about time!!!!


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Hey everyone!!! I found the perfect family activity for everyone to have a great

easter!!! High Park Easter Egg Hunt with Colborne Lodge!!! It starts Sunday April

13th 2014. $3.00 for egg hunts & $1.00 for egg dyeing. 


Location & Details.

Colborne Lodge – High Park 

11 Colborne Lodge Drive